University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Vote on names for the study carrels!

October 18, 2016

UPDATE: The votes are in, the polls are closed, and we'll write up a nice post announcing the winners shortly!

Nash Library is creating study carrels on the south end of each level of book stacks. We already have four equipped with desks and chairs on the main floor; we're going to be putting up some walls and building more on the second floor, and we'll have desks and chairs in the open areas on the upper two floors. We want the carrels to have interesting names, so we asked the IDS faculty to give us the names of people you have studied (or will study) in IDS courses. We made an online voting form where you can vote for your favorites. There is also a write-in entry option at the bottom of the list. The top 11 top vote-getters will have carrels named after them! The more people vote, the more the names will reflect the zeitgeist of the campus, so vote early and tell your friends to vote too!