University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Long Night at Nash: Back by Popular Demand!

August 23, 2016

ETA: As of 8/24/2016, we've corrected the hours of the event; it runs from 6 pm to midnight, not 6 pm to 2 am.

In response to the great success of our Spring 2016 Long Night at Nash, we have scheduled a Fall 2016 Long Night at Nash for Thursday, November 17, from 6:00 p.m. to midnight! Mark your calendars for a great night of studying!

For all the new students and those who missed out last year, Long Night at Nash is a fun event at Nash Library and a great opportunity to get a lot of work done at once before finals. We host it in cooperation with the Student Success Center, the Writing Center, and the Math & Science Tutoring Center, who have tutors there to help the entire time. The event was suggested by Jennifer Long (who thinks we named the event after her) after reading this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. It doesn't matter what kind of studying, writing, or creative work you're doing--every student is welcome (unless you plan to practice singing or playing an instrument. That would be better accomplished in Davis Hall). You can write your goals for the night on a community bulletin board when you arrive, and when you leave, you'll write down what you've accomplished.

The night will be full of studying with regular breaks with games, activities, snacks, and dancing to refresh your brain. There will also be prizes, but we can't tell you what they are yet. You can stop by for just a little while or stay the whole 6 hours. Library Assistant Nicole McMonagle will bring her amazing dog, Beau, to provide comfort to students. After last spring's event, so many students told us how much they wanted the dog to come back! Faculty members who want to attend and help students are welcome (and greatly appreciated!); you may stay as long as you would like.