University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Long Night at Nash

March 21, 2016

Long Night At Nash: The Update (4/11)

The shirts and stress balls are ready to go, and given the anticipated demand for the shirts, we won't just give them away to everyone who walks in the door; you actually have to stay here and study to get one! Everyone in the library will receive a ticket on the hour, and once you have four tickets, you can pick up your shirt! There will also be prizes given away throughout the course of the evening; some will be awarded to the game winners, while others will be awarded by chance. Again, everyone gets a ticket on the hour, every hour. Every couples hours, we'll draw a few more tickets and give away a few more prizes. The longer you stay, the more chances you will have to win!

Long Night At Nash: The Plan so Far

Because this is going to be a big event, we thought we should have a page that just focuses on it.

We are hosting a new event, Long Night at Nash, on April 11, 2016 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. This should be a lot of fun and should be a good opportunity to get a lot of work done at once before finals. We're working in cooperation with the Student Success Center, the Writing Center, and the Math & Science Tutoring Center, who will have tutors there to help the entire time. The event was suggested by Jennifer Long (who thinks we named the event after her) after reading this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

blackboard with chalk writing:

It doesn't matter what kind of studying, writing, or creative work you're doing--every student is welcome (unless you plan to practice singing or playing an instrument. That would be better accomplished in Davis Hall). You can write your goals for the night on a community bulletin board when you arrive, and when you leave, you'll write down what you've accomplished.

The night will be full of studying with regular breaks with games, activities, and dancing to refresh your brain. There will be snacks, swag, and prizes all night long; we can’t tell you what the all prizes are yet, but the swag is set: everyone will receive a stress ball shaped like a human brain and a t-shirt that say “I like big brains and I cannot lie.” You can stop by for just a little while or stay the whole 8 hours; the longer you stay, the more chances you'll have to win prizes. Library Assistant Nicole McMonagle will bring her amazing dog, Beau, to provide comfort to students. Faculty members who want to attend and help students are welcome (and greatly appreciated!); you may stay as long as you would like. Addison is trying to renegotiate her contract to include additional compensation (salmon-flavored treats) for the evening; her presence is tentative.