University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Computers & Printing


  • 24/7 Computer Lab
  • Upper Floor Lobby
  • Student Success Center / Tutoring Room
  • Main Floor Lobby (for catalog searching)

The printing system at USAO is administered by IT. We have two printers for students to use in the library:

  • 24/7 Computer Lab (east side)
  • Upper Floor Lobby (next to the seating area in the middle of the computers)
3D Printing

The 3D Printer is managed by the library. Fill out the Print Request Form to request an object or read the 3D Printing LEO Guide for more information.

Scanning, Laminating, and Copying

The ScanX machine is located in the lobby on the Main Floor. You can email your scans to yourself or save them on a flash drive.

The laminator is located in the lobby on the Main Floor. If you are not sure how to use it, ask a student assistant for help.

The copier is on the upper floor in room 301. To cover ink and paper, we charge 10 cents per page.

Printing Directions

Here's how it's supposed to work:

  • 1. Select "Print" in whatever program you are using.
  • 2. After several seconds, a box will pop up. Enter a Print ID for your print job and click OK. The ID can be anything; just remember it so you can enter it into the print release station!
  • 3. Go to the print release station. Upstairs, this is the computer next to the printer. In the 24/7 lab, this is is the computer next to the printer.
  • 4. Enter your complete Print ID and click OK.
  • 5. Select your print job from the list and click Print.
  • 6. Swipe your ID card and click Yes when prompted.
  • 7. Collect your document from the printer.
Printing Troubleshooting

These are some solutions to common printing problems.

  • 1. If a box never pops up on your computer asking you to enter a print ID, try restarting the computer, or try printing at a different computer.
  • 2. Be sure to enter your entire Print ID at the print release station; the system will not match partial IDs.
  • 3. If you enter your Print ID incorrectly at the print release station, click Logout to go back and enter it again.
  • 4. If you do not have enough money on your card to print, contact the Business Office (Trout Hall 220) to add money to your card.
  • 5. If the printer is out of paper, ask a library student worker or librarian to refill the printer.
  • 6. If these suggestions do not work or if you have any other printing problems, please contact Information, Research, & Network Services (IT) by calling 405-224-1340, emailing, or visiting Austin Hall 113.