University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

A Gift: Operetta & Musical Theatre Collection

June 3, 2016

We are very happy to announce that we have received a very generous gift: a collection of operetta and musical theatre materials including LPs, books, CDs, and posters!

wooden pallet with 14 cardboard boxes wrapped in plastic

This pallet has 14 very heavy boxes, packed full of materials! We took this picture just before we started unwrapping the boxes and taking them upstairs.

14 cardboard boxes in a work room

Now we have to inventory the items so we know exactly what we have, and then we can start to process them. Before an item goes onto the circulating library shelves, it has to be cataloged, added to our online systems, and labeled with a call number. Special collections items aren't labelled like circulating items, but they still have to be thoroughly cataloged. Once they're ready to go, we will add them to the Music Pocket Library.

bookshelf and LP and CD cart in Music Pocket Library

There are some uncommon materials in the collection, and as we unpack them, we'll be sure to let everyone know what we find! This is a really great addition for us; we've been working to improve our music collection and services through the Music Pocket Library, and this collection will make us an even better resource for music and theatre students! From an interdisciplinary perspective, popular theatre, like operetta and musical theatre, can tell us a lot about the society that produces it. We see what words they used, what situations they found funny, what pop culture figures and current events they satirized...there's a lot to learn, but it all has to be understood in the context of the music and theatrical performance! We're so excited that we have this collection available to our USAO community!