University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Free Books and Tearing Out Walls

September 23, 2015

We still have some books left over from the book sale, and since we really want to just get them out of the library and into new homes, everything is now free! Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to stop by and get some books!

Free Books sign

It's true. Just follow the sign.

Also, we are making great progress with our renovations on the main floor. Remember how the entrance to the big room on the north side of the building used to look like this?

Library Room 203 with glass doors

Now it looks like this:

Library Room 203 without doors

There will be a new glass wall several feet north of where the old one was; on the left side, there will be a door to the museum, and on the right side, there will be a door to the music pocket library. The carpet on the right side (the music pocket library) lines up with where the new wall will be. The area between where the old wall was and the new wall will be (we hope that makes sense) will be a nice little entryway-type area.