University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Database Trial: Metropolitan Opera on Demand

March 14, 2016

We have started a 30-day trial of the Metropolitan Opera's video and audio database of opera productions. This includes 80+ HD videos, 70+ TV broadcasts, and 375+ radio broadcasts. All productions have English subtitles and synopses. These are excellent productions with major opera stars and wonderful sets and costumes. On the site, just scroll down to see a list of operas, and click on one to see the video and audio options available. Keep in mind that the opera titles are usually in their original languages (typically Italian, French, or German), and the alphabetical list ignores initial articles (equivalents of English "a," "an," and "the").

We have also included a link to the database at the top of our Databases page, which is accessible from the top menu of any library page.

The trial will run through April 10th. Please let us know what you think of the database; we want to make sure we subscribe to sources our university community will find useful!