University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Bonus Tracks: Dr. Sekula's Blog for Nash Library Vinyl

September 28, 2016

Dr. Kate Sekula, one of our music faculty at USAO, has started a new blog, Bonus Tracks, where she will be featuring vinyl from our collection! We have thousands of vinyl records available to be checked out, and we're going to be getting record players for the Music Pocket Library soon so you can listen to records in the libray. Dr. Sekula has a Ph.D. in music theory and history from the University of Connecticut, and we are looking forward to learning from her about the music in our collection! We have such great faculty here at USAO! Here's a look at her first post about Béla Bartók Playing His Own Works: Excerpts from 'Mikrokosmos':

Bonus Tracks blog with image of record cover and description of Béla Bartók Playing His Own Works: Excerpts from 'Mikrokosmos

To make it easy to find the blog, we have added a link to the blog on our homepage. It's in the social media box midway down the page. The red arrow in the image below is pointing to the link:

USAO Nash Library homepage with red arrow pointing to link to Bonus Tracks LP vinyl blog