University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

323 NEW ACLS Humanities Ebooks!

November 22, 2016

One of our subscription ebook databases, ACLS Humanities Ebooks, has recently added 323 books to their online collection! They have put together a spreadsheet listing all the new titles. ACLS HEB is a great collection with a wide assortment of academic books. They are not all strictly "humanities;" they also include art, music, social sciences, history of science, and other subjects you might not assume were in a "humanities" collection.

There are many different ways to find ACLS ebooks. You can get to the database itself and browse the whole collection from our link on the Database list. We also have all 5,000 of the individual books in our online catalog and in LEO Search, so when you do a search in the catalog or in LEO, your results include ACLS ebooks. We've just added the new books to LEO Search today. It can take 24 hours for newly added titles to appear in LEO Search, so if you want to read the new books right away, the catalog is the place to go!