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Family Photographs


Dr. Anna Lewis,
Choctaw Historian

Historical Documents

Historical Photographs


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Along the Arkansas
Chief Pushmataha, American Patriot

Journal Articles

French Interests and Activities in Oklahoma, Chronicles of Oklahoma  v. 2(3), September 1924
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Du Tisne’s Expedition into Oklahoma, 1719, Chronicles of Oklahoma  v. 3(4), December 1925
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Nunih Waiya, Chronicles of Oklahoma  v. 16(2), June 1938
Letters Regarding Choctaw Missions and Missionaries, Chronicles of Oklahoma  v. 17(3), September 1939
Diary of a Missionary to the Choctaws, Chronicles of Oklahoma  v. 17(4), December 1939
The Oklahoma College for Women, Chronicles of Oklahoma  v. 27(2), Summer 1949


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