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Dr. Anna Lewis,
Choctaw Historian

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Dr. Anna Lewis, circa 1920.

Dr. Anna Lewis, of Choctaw descent, taught history at the Oklahoma College for Women from 1917-1956. Throughout her distinguished career, she taught thousands of students, authored two books and numerous articles, collected photographs and rare documents, and asked her students to contribute original items to a planned museum of Oklahoma history on the college campus. The museum never materialized but many of the items were given to the College upon Dr. Lewis' retirement. This web site, generously funded by the Oklahoma Humanities Council, creates a virtual museum of the items collected for the museum as well as items about Dr. Lewis.

Image of fireplace at Anna Lewis' former home in Clayton, Oklahoma as it appeared in 2005.To navigate this site, simply select from the menu above or below. Any time you want to return to this page, click on the upper left image which contains the initials A. L. This image is taken from the fireplace (left) at Anna Lewis' home in Clayton, Oklahoma. In 1932, Dr. Lewis purchased 200 acres on which had formerly been the site of her early schooling: the Tuskahoma Female Seminary. In 1940, Dr. Lewis built a new home using the stones from the Seminary. This home remained her summer home for seventeen years and was her permanent home after retiring from the Oklahoma College for Women.

For a scholarly analysis of Anna Lewis' life, read "Dr. Anna Lewis: Historian at the Oklahoma College for Women" by Dr. Linda W. Reese which appeared in The Chronicles of Oklahoma, 82(4), pp.428-449.

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