University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Suggestion Box Answers

We have a box in the library (it's currently halfway up the stairs in front of the big front window) where our patrons can submit questions and suggestions anonymously. We will post our responses on this page.

Is there a way to get Readability installed on the [library] computers. Readability is only installed in Gary and Gary closes at 5pm.

Thanks for the idea! Information Services has installed Readability on the upper floor computers, and they are working on installing it in the 24 / 7 lab.

Tao Te Ching - Lao-Tzu.

The above title and author is all the information that was on the slip of paper and we are answering as if the suggester wants us to purchase this book. The Tao Te Ching is included in the book "The Sacred books of China: The texts of Taoism" (call no. BL1900.A1S3 1962 PT.1) which Nash Library owns. It is also available as an ebook at and from the Gutenberg Project at

We shouldn't have to pay to print if we are already paying a fortune in tuition.

Each student at USAO receives $15 in free printing per trimester. Some institutions (e.g., Cameron, NWOSU, and SWOSU) do not charge for printing. Other institutions, such as OU, OUHSC, and Redlands, charge various amounts for printing and do not offer any free printing. Some institutions allocate a certain amount of free printing and then charge after that amount. USAO falls into this category as do NEO ($5 per term) and OSU-IT ($12.50 per term).

Nash Library has a Scannx machine on the main floor. From this machine, you can scan materials and send them to the cloud (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, or Office 365), your email, your smartphone, or to a USB drive. There is no charge for this service.

Why don't you get another cat?

We think Addison adequately accomplishes all the tasks required of her, so we do not plan to get an additional cat.

Why don't you hire a full-time tutor?

The tutoring centers in the library are run by their departments, not the library.

Can you put small rolling stools in the Education room so we do not have to crawl while picking out books?

That is a good idea! We will be sure to purchase some once the budget recovers.

Get the 4th book in the "Inheritance" cycle.

We will be ordering this book and more recreational books soon.